Should I approach him?

Long story short, my grandmother used to work with college students and last year she talked to them about me just arriving in the area and not knowing anyone. One was single and his friends wanted him to date someone and when they saw my picture they pushed him to talk to me and it became a kind of private joke between them. After a while I'm actually the one who added him on facebook and we spoke a little before summer and we said that we were gonna meet when we will be both back in August. I was always the one starting the conversation and I didn't want to be too clingy so I expected him to send me a message for us to meet but he didn't, so nothing happened.
We go to the same uni and I actually see him once in a while but I don't think he recognised me. He is really cute and now that I actually work with his friends since September ( he doesn't work there anymore ) I know that he finds me cute too but I just don't get why he isn't doing anything because he doesn't seem to be shy. I think he's embarrassed because he knows my grandma very well...
So what can I do? ( He's really cute ahah )


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