Girls, Why do girls only care about looks?

Women are liars they always say "we don't care about looks, if a guy is nice to me I will be attracted to him" yet they go for bad boy douchebags who do drugs, commit crimes, and are in gangs. And due to feminazism any guy they deem unattractive is automatically a "creep". There is one thing to have preferences but to not give a person a chance because you don't think he is not good enough simply due to how he looks and acts is NAIVE. You can deny it all you want you shallow women only care about good looks and six pack abs.

Thats why I don't bother acting polite, I prefer being mean and angry because you don't like politeness and are "creeped out" when a guy is polite.


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  • i will be very honest... first impression, yeah, it matters a lot.. and not just for girls for u boys too.. its all but natural to be attracted to someone with a pretty face and a body to kill for. But, in the long run.. what matters is way beyond this superficial crap! You want a person with whom u feel compatible with.. who is intelligent, smart, can make you laugh, cares about you , respects you and is confident. Yeah, i may be attracted towards his six pack abs and dreamy eyes but.. If he lacks a good persona.. NO freaking way!!! :)

  • Why guys only care about looks? Guys always go for skinny, hot white chicks that are short, have perky boobs and butts and have long hair. Girls who let guys fuck them in thwer ass and give blowjobs 5 times a day. Any girl that isn't skinny is automaticly fat to them. You can deny it all you want but you shallow men only care about looks and big boobs and butts.

    You realize now how stupid and biased your little rant sounds? Yes women care about looks, JUST LIKE GUYS. But unless you are after really picky bitches, girls care about other things too. Yeah I agree some use word creep way too often. But it usually has more todo with social skills than looks. You don't have to be polite, just don't expect to get pussy with that bad attitude.

    • But the guys with a bad atitude get the pussy and the one with the good atitude gets placed in the friendzone.

    • Yeah, when it comes to stupid girls. I fell for a really nice guy who put me in the friendzone because he feol for my much hotter friend who fooled around behing her boyfrien's back. So do all guys fall for the good girls who value good personality and attitude? No. I realized I fell for a good guy that was too stupid to notice me. But I try to stay posotive. I'm polite, sweet, I love to make others laugh. There are stupid girls and guys but that doesn't mean all guys and girls are stupid.