Should I ask him where we stand?

I met this guy when I studied abroad 2 years ago and ever since I came back home, we've been talking every day via whatsapp, Facebook and snapchat (which He got just for me). We always flirt with each other and he has hinted at taking me out on dates when I returned back to Italy. He also has said that he feels closer to me than he does to his friends back home, which I was surprised at since he's not one to really like talking about his feelings. Also, I asked him what he wants me to bring him from my country when I go back, and he said, "what do I want from the USA? Hmm let me think... You ;)" Today, he joked that he had sent a picture of a heart shaped chestnut to me and a bunch of other girls and I "pretended" to be jealou and upset, where he said "I'm kidding. You know you're my favorite.. Jk again. You're my dream and the only one on my mind..." I then told him I was obviously kidding since we've never even said we were more than friends. To that, he responded, "indeed! That's what I'm saying too hahah (and then he put the relieved emoji with the smile and the tear above its head)". So I got confused.. Does he actually want to be friends or is he pretending because I made him embarrassed? I really want to ask him where we stand but I don't know if I should... I really like him and wish I knew if he feels the same..

How can I ask him without making him run for the hills?


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  • Just ask him where he thinks the relationship is and where he wants it to go then tell him what you think


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