From an hour long conversation to one word text answers?

I was just getting off work and she texts and asks if I can talk, so we have a length phone conversation about things ranging from her children, to work, and things she would like to do. We finish the call and later on I text her and get a one word answer.(this coming from a woman who had just earlier told me she didn't want to seem rude by giving me one word answers so she added that she was driving to an earlier text) so I chalked it up to she was busy and couldnt really text right then. A bit later I text her again, another one word response. I ask her if something is bothering her. I get no answer. So I just wait on time for her to get off and see she has posted she had a good night at work with her favorite coworkers she listed by name. I messaged her that i am glad she had a good night and she replies with "i did" This was also the time she usually calls me on her way home, and nothing even after she said in our phone convo that she would be calling me after she got off. We went from great convo to one word answers in 2 hours.


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  • So this exact thing happens to me or should i say my girlfriend of 3 years till this day will do this to me. She will swear she will keep me updated throughout the night and don't get me wrong I'm in no way trying to have her update me on everything she does. Just the important things like arriving to the destination and leaving and arriving at home safely. Thanks all I ask and when I approach her the next day or so - she often says i'm over possessive and controlling and she doesn't like having to report to anyone. I believe its just common curtesy of being in a relationship. I've told her that if she wants to have a successful relationship she's got to communicate at least make an effort. Till this day she hasn't shown me she can do so. I am very passive and just assume she's having so much fun that she doesn't care about her phone or texting me because she is just having fun... I'm not happy at all about these situations and i dunno how to get through to her either. I suppose women just wanna be wild and free at times.

    • She has never told me I'm over possessive or anything. She knows i am just concerned about her well being and safety. She just acts quirky sometimes then the next day will tell me why, or move on like it was nothing with no explanation. That is what really gets to me.

    • She tells me that i will learn her better in time then almost the next breath tells me when she gets a certain way I won't want to deal with her in certain situations.

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