Girl at work with a boyfriend wants my attention, at work, gets pissed off if I ignore her?

I have a girl at work that wants my attention and gets pissed of at me if I ignore her. What's funny is that most of the time it was just me minding my own business. Now it reached a point where I really do feel awkward and uncomfortable around her so I started avoiding her.

It got to the point when she got some of her guy friends to ask me why I ignore her. It's making me seem like a douche bag around them. I mean it's work, I am not forced to interact with anyone if I don't like it. Why does she need my atention?

She also easily gets upset at me, like really upset and usually it's not a big deal. Like when we have an event and I say something stupid or funny to make everyone laugh, but she tells me I ruined a part of the event.

It's making things hard for me at work. I know I dated her once and it didn't end well. Even before this I sometimes saw her stalking me at various events.

How would to react to this in a cool way or adult way if it's possible?


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  • I'd just keep on doing what I was doing. It's her problem, not yours. She sounds oversensitive.