Is she not trying?

We are both 19. We love each other quite a lot. Well at least I do. We been dating for about 5 months. She goes to college 2 hours away which isn't a problem because I see almost every weekend except this weekend. But I had mailed her card that I wrote like 2 weeks ago. I have yet to receive one back... Granted I am out of town rn but I am sure she still hasn't mailed it. I get that she has college and work. She is busy one. But I am sure she can find some time to mail me written card. Or a letter. I don't want to ask her because that would seem needy... Does she not care? She does like to wait until very end to do something. She is a procrastinator. Lol. What should I do?


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  • Being concerned isn't needy being needy is when your constantly pursuing someone just be a man and ask her whats going on I promise society brainwashes people lol

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