What should I do? Make a decision for me? Please help?

im moving out for the first time, im 23 and live far too long at home, probably because if laziness. I have two choices. Either stay in my hometown (its like a middle big city, 175.000 people, pretty laidback). I can stay for another 6 months in a room i almosted rented or i can take my shit and go off to leave in a big city close to a million and live there for avout a year. What should i do? im doubting for two months now. Im kinda depressed and want more but maybe its not a good thing to do that. What should i do?


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  • It depends on a few factors:

    1) income vs cost of living
    Some jobs pay better in a big city, some don't but almost always your rent/mortgage will be way more expensive in the big city. So, can you afford to live in the big city or will you be living paycheck to paycheck to make ends meet?

    2) long term career
    Is it better for your career to live in the big city or can you have the same job in your hometown? If your dream job only exists in the big city, you may be happier doing what you love than staying home and taking a lesser job or not getting promotions because you're unwilling to move.

    3) Do you like the simple life or are you attracted to the big city night life?
    Some people are just small town folks. I know I am. I've lived in 2 big cities and didn't like it. Sure there's more to do, but I'm more at ease in my hometown. I'd rather visit the big city a few times a year than live there with all the traffic and hassles.


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  • Um, is living in the city going to be a better move for your job?

    • im a student

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    • yea it is but like i said its not that neccasary

    • You forget how difficult it is to make friends at school when you have to commute in. I think you should move away.

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  • city life is amazeballs. I say do it.

    • im scared im not going to like it and feel like i have no purpose of being there

  • Well my advice is not to fuck around too much.. Move out and get shit done... be open to learn things a long the way... don't trust just anybody, nowadays people be taking way too much advantage of nice people... stay up

  • If you're unhappy with where you live, then you should move to where you will be happy. Also choose a career that pays but at the same time you won't hate.


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