Do I tell my roommate I like her?

Ok, this is complicated so bare with me: I slept with a girl at work just after she started, (I'm her manager. I know that's not the best idea) we had both just come out of relationships so it was just casual and it was only for a week. This girl then had some family problems and ended up moving in with me (as a roommate), we have become very good friends and still work together but aren't romantically attached. Recently she went through another very difficult time with the death of a family member, I have done everything I could to help her and cheer her up and generally be there for her, but along the way I seem to have somehow fallen for her and now have very strong feelings for her. i feel awful and so guilty for developing feelings for her at this difficult time, I feel like I have abused her trust. She is seeing someone right now but it doesn't appear serious. What do I do? Should I tell her, I'm not sure she has feelings for me the same as I have for her? Should I tell her now? Or should I wait until she is in a more stable place? I feel bad doing it at this time but I do feel like I should tell her as soon as possible as I don't want to deceive her. How should I tell her? Please help, I'm so confused :(


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  • tell her


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