Who has higher standards when it comes to dating the opposite sex?

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I like how the girls hit the Other/explain option but leave no explanation


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  • i think it depends on who has more going for them
    if they have looks, money, status, intelligence, etc., they can afford to be more picky


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  • How to impress a guy: have him be attracted to you.

    How to impress a Girl: be handsom, smart, respectful, brave, funny, educated, intellectual, well dressed, rich, have a job, have a car, have goals and ambitions, have a decent sized ding dong, be unique, be a jerk/shy, be talent, be good with kids, be tall or taller and so on.


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  • I personally think it depends on the person. Like for example I'm pretty easy to please when it comes to dating. If you're a really nice person and we have a lot in common then boom. However I have met guys who have all these specific standards and they're kinda shallow. This is the same for girls, I've met girls who date based on personality and girls who wouldn't look at you twice if you had the slightest little flaw

  • We all know this answer would be the women