I have a crush on a guy. How should I proceed?

I am a Sophomore in high school and he is a Junior. He is new to the school and came into my Honors Chemistry class last week. I always thought he was cute, but as last week progressed I noticed that he was extremely smart. He probably knows more Chemistry then most of us in that class. I also saw that he is extremely polite.

This week there was a Chemistry Club meeting and I am a science nerd myself so I figured why not go. He was there.

I had 2 conversations with him. 1 was the day of the Chemistry Club meeting and he was walking out of the school with a flag he didn't have during the meeting, so I asked where he got it. Today, I asked him if he was enjoying our school, what school he came from, and why he left. He didn't finish telling me why he left because the bell rang.

He is also in my lunch, but already sits with a group of friends.


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  • Keep talking to him. If it seems he wants to keep the conversation going, tell him you would too. Propose going someplace outside of school, including a time and date. Good luck!


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