Is it weird to date a freshman when you are a senior?

I'm a relatively well known senior at my high school. I'm mostly well known in JROTC because I am the battalion executive officer. This girl that is also in JROTC has caught my attention. I doubt she would ever imagine me liking her because she's new and I'm second in command, but I feel like it's weird since she's a freshman. I know that a three year age difference means nothing when you're older, but right now it makes a huge difference. I also usually prefer women that are my age or a couple years older because I'm very mature for my age and most people my age still act like children, but she seems pretty mature. I'll go for it anyways, but does it seem weird?

I just figured out that she's a sophomore so that makes things a lot better.


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  • It can be, and it can also be illegal, depending on what you do. As a senior you will be turning 18. As freshman will be around 15. Some states define that as Statutory Rape. If you go to you will see what your stats laws are. Some are much more strict, other are not. Just be careful, as you would hate to ruin you life and end up on the Sex Offender Registration list forever because you fell for a freshman.

    • Yea I've read all of that stuff in law class. I'm old for a senior (already 18 at the beginning of the school year) and I don't know what her age is. She might actually be a sophomore for all I know, but she's definitely not a junior. I'm going to ask one of my friends about her tomorrow.

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