I just broke up with my ex and I went straight into another relationship?

My ex girlfriend was cheating on me and so we broke up. I loved her so much. But she's with this new guy now. So i went into another relationship myself. This new girl is amazing. She doesn't hide anything, she puts me all over her facebook, instagram, snapchat, everything. She shows me off, and im not used to that. All I've ever known is a girl being secretive with me. Its really hard to find this new girl attractive. She very pretty, dont get me wrong. a lot of guys want her, and are jealous of me being with her, but i feel i may have made a mistake into going into another relationship so quick. What do i do. We've been dating two weeks now.


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  • A part of me wants to say, you've finally found happiness. Don't let this go.
    But another part of me says, you have to see the bigger picture out of this whole thing and put yourself first.
    Yes, you are deserving of a girl who is loyal and treats you right.
    However, you didn't give yourself time to get over the hurt that was caused to you.
    This can make problems in your "perfect" relationship arise.
    You have to give yourself time... to get over the hurt before you can move on and establish anything with someone else.
    This may hurt your girlfriends feelings... but you have to be fixed 100% before anything can be successful with another.
    If you go into a relationship broken... then things will eventually tear down.


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  • Either tell her that you're not ready for another relationship, and that you're sorry for leading her on, or tell her that you want to take things slower.


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  • Tell her you're not ready for another realtionship yet.

  • i really hate men like you.
    you are the reason why good people turn to bad people
    ur ex used you and now you are using this girl
    just break up with her and leave her alone


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