Do women have any respect for a man that works blue collar jobs?

I don't want a job where I sit behind a desk and give direction, that's boring as fuck to me; I want a job working with my hands, making something, actually doing something for my customers. I want to be proud of putting my name on something when it's complete...

Is that really something that shouldn't be respected? Most of the women I talk to want a guy that makes enough money that her life is glamorous, not practical, not real, but the life of a celebrity so she can just be free to enjoy her life as it goes... Am I wrong here?


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  • Yes. Otherwise no men with blue collar jobs would have women, but they do. And it's not just about a mans job that makes you have respect for a man but also his personality, ethics, achievements etc.

    • They get lesser women. Fat women.

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    • I do get interested fat, crazy and ugly though.

    • I have also had plenty of "fuck-him-once" women. One even said so before she fucked me, because she hadn't had any for a long time and she needed a rich guy. She said it plain as that.

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  • Women will tell you they're not interested in money and not shopping for a lifestyle, but women are really bad at telling men what turns them on.

    • I eventually learned never to accept dating advice from women. Only men who are good at it have taught me anything -- and they make $$$.

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  • That's not a gender problem, that's a capitalism problem.


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