How the hell does my sister can have all the guys they want, but I can't have all the girls I want?

Both of my sister believe I have the mess up gene. My older sister is just 15 and she's getting guys left and right. She even has ex's that want her back. She never had been rejected by any dudes. My little sister is only 11 and has guys coming up to her and asking her out because of her intelligence. But, I can't have any girls at all. I'm labeled as the ugly duckling because I been rejected more than being asked out. I assume because some guys are more desperate than girls or more girls has boyfriends then guys having girlfriends. But, I be rejected because of my flaws and my inability of doing certain tasks. I get depressed because if I can be rejected for this much than there is obviously no chance for me getting with someone. There are people who are very unattractive can get a girl because they do it to make them feel better about themselves.


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  • The reality of it is, even the most ugliest girl will have a easier time dating than an unattractive guy.
    Dating is in a girls favor.
    All she has to do is sit back and men as the natural initiator will ask her out.
    Men on the other hand have all of the pressure on their shoulders.
    If a girl doesn't like you one bit , she has all of the power to turn you down.
    If you're a guy who never asks girls out , rarely will a girl ask you out. Even if she does like you, if she is old fashioned she will expect you ask her out first. If you do not , then you have a missed opportunity.

    All I can say is , focus on school right now.
    Eat healthy.
    Dress good.
    As you grow your confidence will increase.
    Just keep working on yourself


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  • Glad you just joined the parade lol.. get use to it unless your way above average in looks and money

    • Crap the question is closed!.. But dude don't worry asker
      Women are like milk their looks degrade with time...
      Men are like wine! Get better with age...
      Focus on school! Exercise and built a good body!.. Have a nice height!.. Rest will come with time..

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