How do you approach a girl in school?

There's this girl i like and i don't know if she likes me, that's why i'm trying to get her to like me.

I'm new to this school and the time i was there boys often mess with her/ tease her because of her weight but honestly she's not fat if anything thick she weighs nomore than 180 lbs and she's perfect for me. She's white/latino, brown/black hair. beautiful light brown eyes, and she's about 5"7 or 8

and i really like her but how do i approach her? she's tried talking to me a couple of times but i shy out and ignore her or just shake my head if she asks me something...

And she calls me "sir" whenever she talks to me? like today she asked

"Do you need a calculator sir?" when she saw i was struggling with something and i shook my head no and looked away


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  • Walk up and say hi. You needed advice on approaching and here it is 😀

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