How to go after a girl who is unsure about her ex-boyfriend?

I am attracted to this girl who from what I know about her is a great girl. She seems to kind of like me, but at the same time she has an ex-boyfriend of I believe 5+ years who she and him are on and off. Based on how I feel, I think she would just hop back into his arms at anypoint. From talking to her she is not currently dating him, but I am thinking how can I even go up against this guy who has 5+ years of history with this girl, not to mention she will see him everytime she goes back to her hometown. I always tend to get the short end of the stick when it comes to women, I just have bad luck, but boowho cry me a river I know its life. I am looking at advice on what to do, because I currently have a heavy dose of attraction, but feel that I might come out heartbroken like always. The reason being that she seems to be undecided about him and she still hangs around him good and I feel that she would go back to him, if not seeing him right now. I mentioned to her we should hang out and she seemed open to it, but I am just unsure how I would be able to beat the history of the her and her ex-boyfriend (possibly boyfriend since I am not sure she is seeing him again).


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  • Don't. Let her figure out th problems first


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