Forget her?

I haven't seen this girl in a month to the day. On the last day of the semester we planned on a second date. Nothing ever materialized during break--she always said she was busy. I told her, after she was busy so many times, to contact me if she ever wanted to do anything. She hasn't contacted me since then. It's weird because I thought we were at least close enough to be friends to hang out, but it's been a month and it seems she has/had no inclination to see me.

I will never see this girl again.

I feel embarrassed because every day this past month, I have thought of her. She probably has thought of me on her own two times at most.

It feels awful.

I thought there was potential for a real thing and now, a month later, it seems I was just living in a fantasy.

I want to forget her---how? Not answering her texts if she ever sends one?

Maybe more painful is that she'll never remember me. If I made no impact on her life. The last four months were just an asterisk in her life, even if that.

To add, it hurts when I think about the last day we saw each other---we spent a lot of time together, in between exams, and after our last final we said good-bye like we'd see each other again...there was no closure. And it hurts because she doesn't
seem to care


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  • Sadly to say, I don't think she is interested in you the way you were interested in her. A girl is not ALWAYS busy and if she truly likes a guy she will MAKE time to go on a date with him. I know it is not easy for you, trying to figure out why she is acting this way not getting in contact with you. If she does ever text you or call you, play it cool. I would not ignore her because that is rude. Just play it low key and that will get her thinking. For now...move on. All the best:-)

    • Thanks. I know ignoring her is "rude", but does it even matter if I'll never see her again? Why re-open my wounds and give myself false hope by communicating with her if she contacts me?

    • You`re right. It won't matter if you will never see her again. Only communicate if she asks to see you. However,most likely that will not happen. So yes, ignore her, Delete her number and go out. Have fun and meet other girls:-)

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  • Unfortunately she wasn't interested in you, I suggest you forget about her and move on, friends don't go on dates they hang out