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OK so there's this guy I've known since last year, Sam (we're seniors in high school) and he's friends with my long term crush of the last three years, Charles.

This year Sam's in my period 1 class and in Charles's period 4, so he sees both of us pretty evenly. Sam had a class with Charles last year and he and I met during Robotics club.

So Sam gets annoyed pretty easily, but its the kind where we can all laugh at and it usually doesn't last too long. He's generally "roasted' every day but it's all in good fun. So during class on Tuesday he said something and I played that "Why the f#ck you lyin'" song, full blast in front of everyone and we all had a good laugh. So my tablemate (she's a sophomore and the only other girl in class) comments, "You two should go out.", pointing to both of us. Now this is where I start saying, hell no, God no, we're just friends, you know the drill, and Sam turns pink and starts talking about how everyone should go out for 60 minutes everyday for fresh air and exercise.

Now our mutual friend, Smith looks over at me, laughing and says, don't try to deny it. I start saying how i like someone else, (Charles and Smith sit at the same lunch table) and he's all like, OK. Sam and I mention to never bring it up again.

So a few minutes later I was waiting for Smith and Sam to pack their stuff up, so we could all walk to our classes together. Then another sophomore says, "Hey (name), are you waiting for your bf?" Sam doesn't even look at me and tells me to go. I protest and Smith laughs.

Today at lunch (Sam sits a few tables away) seemed to be getting annoyed with his friends and I was like, Are you mad again? And he and I (he initiated) shook hands for a good 3 secs.

After school Sam (and his friends) ate my microwave popcorn and he was standing pretty close to me, just talking and stuff, and when I was talking about a topic (sports) with another girl he stood and watching, eating as he did so.

I saw him working with/helping the younger ones and I couldn't help but smile and my face heated up.

I don't want to kill our friendship but I really like him and being as smart as he is, he'll pick it up sooner or later. That's what happened with my long term crush and while I still like him, we don't talk anymore. Plus I don't want him or Smith to know about the long term crush since they are both friends with him. Any ideas?


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  • He likes that other girl

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