Guys, what is more important to you in a girlfriend?

With the traits below, order them from most important to least important regarding what you would most like in a girlfriend/wife.

1. Confidence
2. Ambition
3. Passion
4. Class
5. Honesty
6. Intelligence
7. Sense of Humor


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  • 1. Ambition + MOTIVATION (someone who knows what she wants out of life and will take the steps to get it. THAT'S POSITIVITY , that's DRIVE. THAT'S SEXY! FUCK YEAH!)
    2. Passion (It's a relationship , a passionless one would be... boring , why even be in one?)
    3. Honesty (straight up no bullshit is the way to go. Not saying be craftless but honest)
    4. Confidence (YES I CAN! Yesterday... she said tomorrow so JUST DO IT!)
    5. Intelligence. We can develop that and grow as a person so intelligence at the time is not as important as having the DRIVE to GROW.
    6. Class (eh , dating a victorian lady would be weird)
    7. Sense of Humor (I'm like dad jokes central anyway so yah lol)


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  • 4. Class: Utmost important.
    5 Honesty: Utmost important.
    3. Passion: Important.
    1 Confidence: Very Important.
    6. Intelligence: Important.
    2. Ambition: Doesn't matter.
    7. Sense of humour: Least important.

    Please note: I have much more standards than what is mentioned here, and I never want to date or something like that, this was just to answer your question. That's all.

  • Confidence: Don't care
    Ambition: Not needed, but a plus
    Passion: Preferable
    Class: Don't care
    Honesty: Most Important
    Intelligence: Don't care
    Sense of Humor: Important

    • lol so you'll date someone who has... no confidence , no ambition , no class and is a dumb shit?

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    • @Illusive_Man With booty.

      She's probably not ideal long-term, but short term? Definitely.

    • That's no moon.

  • Loyalty.

    Notice how it wasn't in your lexicon?

    • I believe that falls under honesty, meaning you know you can trust them.
      Maybe I should've described them but thought I didn't have to...

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