I know this relationship isn't going in the right order but how do I slow it down?

Me and this guy have been bestfriend for 2 years now. About one week ago he finally admitted that he's in love with me and I said it back. But that was on text then today he saw me and he said it to me face to face. Any ways most realationships go in the order like liking someone then falling in love with them but we are starting with what we are supposed to end with. Am I supposed to slow it down? Or am I supposed to set limits, because we stepped into this realationship already used to each other so there was already like a list of do's and don't's cause we already knew everything thing about each other. So yeah I do love him but this is my first real relationship with a guy and I don't really know how this is supposed to go.


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  • There is no order of having a relationship with someone. Some people feel like they have known each other for years without having to know each other as much. Others knew each other for several years and started a relationship based on that. If you guys have made it work, just accept it.

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