Guy knows I like him?

I am almost 15, and well today in class I was sitting by my friend Hannah, and we were passing notes and she asked me who I liked and I said I liked Rhett who is in my grade, and well I thought she threw our notes away but she didn't so she left them in there... anyways later on my other friend Lakyn told me that he found the note and Lakyn said "I know who it is" and she told him to start guessing and he guessed and the first person he guessed was me, and she said "yes" and the whole class found out and they were shocked because they never thought I would like someone like Rhett. And Lakyn said that when he found out his face expression was normal but she said he looked surprised and well now he knows that I like him but I had a class with him and he was all shy and quiet around me... my friend Caitlin liked him last year but when he found out she liked him he talked to her like normal but when she asked him out he said no. Do you think he likes me? P. S. sorry if I made any typing errors.


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  • Just ask him out. Worst he can do is say no and then you can stop obsessing over him. You can be free of this awful affliction called love. lol.
    And shit, if he likes you back, then the rabbit hole just gets that much deeper... it's a win win, really. :P


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