I think I love my boyfriend more than he loves me, or perhaps he's just being cautious?

We've been dating since January but became exclusive In may. We both have had bad endings to our last relationship. His was only almost 2 years aho, while mine was almost 3 years ago (I took a much needed dating break after that). his ex took their son and stole thousands of dollars from him. So maybe he's treading lightly with me. We haven't said I love you, we barely talk of future things, though he takes me to look at houses with him and wants to know how I like it...
I love him on such a deep level but I can't tell if he feels the same. I know he loves me on dome level by his actions, but I don't know. Should I ask how he feels? Part of me is scared of the answer I would possibly get.


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  • I'm sure he loves you as much as you love him but he just doesn't feel like he needs to be vocal about it. I think actions speak louder in your case.