Guys, I have a feeling that my boyfriend is losing interest in me?

I told my friend 2 days ago that i feel like he's starting to lose interest in me anymore, he's talking about how he can go out with anyone and the chick would like him no matter what, and his friend told his to check my page to see if there was something on my page, so he could break up with me and his friend could hook him up with his GF's friend, and my boyfriend said there is nothing on there yet to his buddy and i'm like going in depression hearing this, i am a little dramatic yes, I love his more than anything in the world and it's just like he barely cares anymore, and is being less talk-it-tive, and loveable. i really don't know what to think anymore and i would just like some helpful advice on this, so i don't accuse him. and so i can understand more.


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  • Well it sounds like you need to cry on my shoulder but not his any longer. Don't forget, your emotional state makes a huge difference on how he will feel about you. I've been going through the same type of issue but people would much rather hang with an upbeat person than one showing a lot of insecurity.

    You must be strong within your being first. Work on your confidence and self-esteem so you don't chase him further. Hang with your happy friends and if you can work up a genuine and friendly smile, use it on everyone you meet. You will be amazed at how much it does for you when you can get someone else to smile back

    Then, use your new weapon of happynes on him.

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