How to ask my crush to homecoming?

Homecoming at my school is coming up and i would like to ask my crush to go with be, but there are some problems.

1. It would be me and her, and i don't want to make her feel like she's in an awkward position
2. I can't drive yet, and i wouldn't feel like a true gent if she was driving us.
3. I don't know how to ask her, and i'm not sure of how she'll respond. Should i do it during school, where others can see, or should i do it when she's alone.


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  • 1) So, you're saying that simply being with you is "an awkward position". Geez.

    2) Well... hire a limo. Or stop caring, because girls want empowerment, and she'll say that she's a strong, independent woman who don't need no driver.

    3) NOT where others can see. Get her alone, and say it cutely.


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  • First of all, do it when she's alone.
    If she's interested, it won't be awkward. As for the transportation, you can always hire a cab.

  • Ask her in private so that so she would feel comfortable saying no. Maybe ask her with a sign with a pun or corny joke. That's what I did and she said yes

    • i just wouldn't know what to put on the sign