We spent so much time together and he vanished. Was it something I said?

I'm somewhat afraid to post this because I don't want people leaving Obnoxious or mean answers I've been through enough pain about this already... I do want some honest advice in kind Reply if possible XOXO
A guy and I've been seeing each other for about a month we went on a couple dates there was a week where he didn't speak to me for a little bit and I asked him what was up.. he said he thought we should just be friends (backstory he likes to drink and I'm usually sober) we ran into each other again at a party and quickly he started coming on to me and I realized he didn't just want to just be friends so I said to him that I don't get it and he said he was just afraid he might be too wild for me
anyway at a sort of whim he took me to Disneyland for the day. We stayed overnight at a hotel and he paid for everything
I did not have sex with him I told him I wasn't ready for that and he was respectful about the whole thing we had a wonderful day together really nice really sweet really awesome!
I didn't think anything was wrong but the day after we got back he started pull away again every day pulling away little bit more and now I haven't heard from him in for four days I even left a message saying "hey it's OK if you don't want this relationship to go further but I didn't want to lose our friendship" and he has not responded to that yet :(
can someone please explain to me what happened? The day out was perfect he liked me. I don't understand.


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  • The break point of your relation - you denied him sex.
    He behaved in a good manner because he did not want you to think that he just wants sex, but the truth is he only wanted sex...
    its really good for u to not have such a man in your life... watever god does its for good...
    believe in good and trust me... this guy is a douchebag.


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