So I work with this girl whose been flirting with me but I think she might be a slut. Can someone please help me out here?

I think she might be a slut because at work there have been two separate occasions when a different guy asked her ishe would suck his dick. She just smiled playfully shoved them and walked a way. Does this make her a slut? Also people have the right to be sluts but I dont want to be with one


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  • If she didn't get down on her knees for them there and then it's safe to say she isn't. I'm actually shocked that guys would say that to her and she is put in a very difficult position if she gets angry she's labelled a psycho if she says something witty she's a player. She can't help it if guys are drawn negatively to her how dare they and this is her work place where she is trying to just get along with people to get through the day. Work is very hard when there's hostility. Also guys are known for acting like tools when rejected if a girl stands up and fights back. They would start rumours so her options are very limited. To be fair if someone said that to me my response would be I totally would but you look like you'd taste of cheese and the last girl that touched you is still in therapy. But then I'm a bit of a bitch and guys know not to mess with me

    • That hypothetical response legily made me laugh lol

    • *legitly

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  • Well, it's possible. Can't say for sure though and your thinking is also not wrong.


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  • she should report the guys that said that to her for sexual harassment. I would have slapped them into next week if any ever had the nerve to be this disrespectful to me!!

    and assuming she is a slut because some dick heads are assholes to her says more about you than her honestly. If you like her, grow a pair and stand up for her instead of tagging along in this mobbing.

  • there is a higher chance she is...
    you are a gguy , you work with her, you know best

    • what gave you the impression that there is a high chance she is easy?

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    • Thats what made me think that maybe she's slutty

    • ehh maybe yes, OR she is afraid to plain out freak out on them. some women have a problem with assertiveness and are constantly afraid they might come across as bitchy if they speak their mind or put someone in their place.
      I know what you mean though, I would slap them into tomorrow if anyone ever was this disrespectful to me. He shouldn't jump to conclusions, why just not ask her if it doesn't bother her that these guys act like that with her. Her answer should clear things up, don't you think?

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