Guys, Guy text and disappears HELP?

Ok so this sounds pretty stupid but this is the first time this has ever happened to me, i met this guy and we exchanged numbers and we started texting about 10 days ago non stop... and then he completely disappears and also disappears from his social media accounts... not sure how to take this we haven't talked in two whole days and i feel kind of pathetic texting again so i won't. I was pretty sure he was into me so i feel slightly confused and want some male insight.


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  • Maybe he was already in a relationship or keeping his options open. Don't take it personal on what happen. Some guys play games and do things to boost their egos.

    • yeah i was afraid of that its ok, i wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt... oh well lol

    • Lol yeah it sucks. Well it can still be possible he may randomly text you. I think it's a high possibility. But that sucks how he disappeared.