When you find someone very nice funny and you like him a lot you found out he goes out with a lot of girls and he's not serious at all?

I really like this guy and we talked a lot and he was very nice and funny as hell i never met a guy like him and after that i found out that he goes out with a lot of girls and not serious at all and even so the girls love him and i don't want that i want a serious relationship what should i do?


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  • Don't risk it with a guy like that. You're just going to be yet another girl for him.


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  • Well he isn't for you. He is just mucking around, having fun and not wanting to commit. And you want a serious relationship with him. I don't think it will work, but you can tell him how you feel, see if the feeling is mutual, if not, well you know what to do and that is to move on.

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  • ... how about actually telling him you want to be in an exclusive relationship? You can't be mad at him for dating other women when you two haven't even discussed being exclusive to each other


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  • Abort and retreat. He's clearly not what you're looking for.