Would it be rude or passive aggressive sounding to thank my friend who friend zoned me but built up my confidence?

To be clear I'm very thankful like legit.
She initially showed interest then when she found out I wanted a relationship not a fling she backed off but she never told me she didn't like me or shot me down bad, she never avoided me after I confessed my feelings for her.
Mans aside from that she's been a good friend, I know some peeps are gonna want to hang me for using the friend zone term, but it fits here, cuz she honestly put me in there despite having told everyone I was attractive and enjoying my company while finding me to be a nice guy.
Anyway, I just started dating this other girl, and I had tried it with her before but was not open with my feelings with her, but now thanks to my friend I am... And I don't know I'm just really happy, and I want to thank her but I don't want it to sound weird, but I'm hobestly just very grateful


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  • Is the new girl prettier than her?

    • They're both pretty in different ways, honestly. I don't know if I'd say one is prettier then the other, tbh. Obviously I'm much more into the new girl.

    • Post a picture up on Social media with 2 of u being happy and tag her in a sentence like "Thank you (insert girl name here)".

    • lol that sounds hella passive aggressive...