Im always text my crush first. Should I wait for his text or text him first?

This is a guy I like but I don't know if he likes me or not though

We live in different states now so we just text each other. And he always answers me and talks to me and stuffs.

But I'm the one who always text him first so this time I quit texting him first although it's killing me and then he never texts me. We haven't texted for days. What does it mean? He found me annoying? He isn't that interested in me?

And I don't know if I should wait for his text or text him first

Please help and don't hesitate to give your honest opinion thanks


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  • I feel like girls always look to deep into the texting thing and it could ruin what you could potentially have. I would honestly just straight up ask him why he doesn't text you, see if he's just busy or if he really isn't interested. He probably just doesn't realize it or worry about it. Could you meet him in person or call him to ask? It would be easier to understand instead of interpretating the message through texting.


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