How long is ideal to talk to a girl on a dating site before trying to escalate beyond that? (E. g. suggesting meeting up.)?

I've been talking with a girl for most of a week, and it's going just about as well as it could be in my view, so I just want to know when is the right time to suggest we meet. Too early and she'll think I'm overly keen or just after sex or something, too late and she'll have moved on/got bored/found someone else.

Guys how long would you wait to suggest meeting?

Girls how long do you think would be ideal?

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  • At least a week
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  • A couple weeks
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Any opinions for this? More votes would be good too, but I'd really like an explanation with it.
Can anyone give an opinion on this?


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What Girls Said 1

  • A couple of weeks is about right, enough time to build trust.

    • If a guy asked you within a week would you stop talking to him (or be less likely to want ever meet him) or just say you weren't ready to meet yet?

What Guys Said 1

  • Sooner rather than later. I usually wait until she seems comfortable with me which shouldn't take more than a few days. Either she's interested in actually meeting you or she's not, and i doubt trying to text with her for weeks is going to change that too much

    • How often does that work?

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    • to be honest, pretty often and i mean more often than not. Once i've talked to a girl on a dating site, gotten her number, and talked to her some more by text/phone, she usually agrees to meet up for a drink or coffee soon. The hardest part is finding a receptive girl (as women are way more racist then they'd have you think). Think about it like this: she responded to your advances on a DATING website, she gave you her number knowing what your intentions were (DATING), she's still talking to you, odds are she's interested in meeting you

    • Not only that but's it's highly unlikely she's just going to completely stop talking to you just because you asked her out too soon. One thing you have to remember is that some girls just use online dating as an ego boost. Some of them never have any intention of replying to your messages, some of them never have any intention of give your their number, and some of them never have any intention of actually meeting you in person

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