Girls, if a friend you hadn't talked to in months (you went to college) showed up out of blue and admitted he had feelings, would it weird you out?

There's a girl I worked with for about a year, we became dexent friebds not super close (we don't even have each other's phone #'s) but we did FB message a bit. Anyway she knew I kinda had a thing for her but was talking to someone before she went to school, it didn't work out but she was just about to leave (it's an hour or so away) so I figured distance wise it was too much, anyway in really refereeing not openly telling her how I felt and a friend thinks we should go down kinda surprise visit her, and I just be straight up and tell her in private then how I feel etc, I'll tell her that if it's no then I won't let it get awkward etc but I really need to get this off my chest, girls if a guy friend you hadn't talked to in awhile did this, would it weird you out?

  • No, even if I didn't return the feelings it wouldn't weird me out, he's just being honest and its a nice gesture
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  • Yes, given the time since talking and tge surprise of it, it would probably weird/creep me out some
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Wow girls I'm surprised so many view it as bad
Wow girls say they want a guy who's willing to sweep then off their feet who's bold but then apparently want a guy who'll hide behind hours of texting eh?


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  • No, I would actually feel flattered!!
    It's just my boyfriend, on the other hand...
    But I'm glad that he took the initiative to tell me, it takes a lot of courage and bravery, and has lots of risks that you may be taking!

    • Even if it was a friend you really only talked to at work?

    • Yes, even a friend we only would actually have contact at work.
      Wait, that sounds awkward...

      Although he likes me, yes, if I liked him back, we would have a relationship, but we still have to focus more on the job and not too much of the relationship.

    • I just mean me and her talked a decent amount at work and she moved away to college so we haven't talked for a few months, there's something I may deliver to her and I might just tell her then

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  • Yes because that's strange

    • So you don't appreciate respectful honesty? You're one of those that needs months of 'talking' aka too lazy/scared to try a date, before you admit you like somebody on a date am I roght?

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    • Maybe for you, but obviously others diasagree in the poll, either way it's worth it

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