Does this sound like a good date?

So, i have had a crush on this girl from my class (9th grade) for since the beginning of the semester. I have built a decent relationship with her, I am thinking about asking her out. She is outgoing, smart, Loves music (Trap RnB Rap Dubstep) And loves Pizza. I was thinking about taking her out to Dine at Friday's and then watch a thriller movie maybe horry (To keep a memory. I really need feedback on this!


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  • I think that sounds really fun!

    • Oh good! I was thinking that i should ask her this: Have you ever dined at friday's? (Yes): Oh cool! You should let me take you there some time! (No) Oh dang, You should let me take you there some time! The food is amazing.

    • by the way this is my first time to ask someone out.

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  • Do the movie then dinner of possible. Then you have something to talk about at dinner.

    • That's a really good idea, but what would i say? I had a line for dinner but this changes it a lot.

    • You don't plan what you're going to say. Just talk. Like a normal conversation. Because you're both humans.

    • Oh, you mean how to ask her?
      1) If you find yourself talking about movies, just say something like, "we should go see a movie some time." And if she says okay, you COULD suggest the day right then. But she might not be expecting that.

      2) If you're talking to her as class ends, walk with her and ask her if she would wanna see a movie on (specific date). If she's busy, suggest a different time. If she's busy then, that's probably a no, but you could try again the week after.

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  • well if she likes dancing maybe you could take her somewhere to go dancing over the movie

    • Oh she is kinda lazy but still the kind of outgoing :P (Likes to listen to music and chill)