Why hasn't he asked me out again?

I've been talking to this guy I met online for about 3 weeks. We met once the Sunday before last weekend, stayed out for 4 hours together, and then we went out again last Friday, stayed out a while. That night he told me he doesn't care what we do, he just likes to spend time with me. Things ended well, and he brought up seeing a movie we had talked about for our next date. He's texted me every day since then, and has kept the conversations flowing, but he hasn't asked me out again. I know he's been busy at work, as he's been there until between 8-10 every night (i can verify this), and he hasn't seen his best friend this week, who he usually sees at least a few times a week. I can tell he's been pretty stressed with work based on what he's told me. I've also checked the dating site, and he logs on maybe once a day, so i don't believe he's talking to anyone else, plus he told me he only likes to date one person at a time.

Do you guys think that he's just busy? What should I do?



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  • Give him some time an drop a few hints like, "Hope to see you again soon!"


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