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Madonnas vs. Whores?

Madonnas vs. Whores?

Many men for whatever reason like to separate women into two catagories: women who'd make good moms to their kids (madonnas) and women who'd be incredible in bed (whores.) What are some personality traits of the former and latter that you're attracted to?


-Likes you straight away
-laughs at your jokes even the ones that aren't funny
-Low amount of sexual partners
-Romantically inclined
-Makes your life generally easier (anything from listening to your problems at work to folding your clothes for you
-People push you to her

-You have to do a lot of chasing before she likes you or openly admits to liking you
-flirting is a lot more physical and crude with not as much courtship
-Medium to high amount of sexual partners (you suppose)
-Sexually inclined
-Makes your life generally harder. She adds a lot of drama and it's never boring (she acts hot and cold, she invites you to meet up with her at a club and never shows, she asks you for a favor and later when you ask for one back she says she can't.)
-People try to dissuade you from her.

The final question is what you think a perfect combination of a Madonna/Whore into one sexually appealing and marriage quality woman would look like? What combination of traits would she have?

Madonnas vs. Whores?

Madonnas vs. Whores?
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