What's the best way to handle Silent Treatment (2 part question)?

When your friend, client, co-worker, significant other, or family member does not respond to your calls/texts/emails for an extended period of time. What goes through your mind? Do assume the worst case scenario right away? I do, usually.


Have you ever given someone the silent treatment on purpose?


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  • If a friend, client or co-worker didn't respond to my calls/texts/emails for a long time I would take it that 1. they are too busy with their own lives, so therefore they forget to respond. 2. they mean to call but something comes up and they forget. 3. they dont like you.

    When it comes to significant other, I would def think something is totally wrong. 1. they are seeing someone else. 2. they are seeing someone else or 3. they dont want to be with you anymore.

    When it comes to a Family member... I would think that they dont like me or they are just too wrapped up in their own life.

    This is just my opinion... you can take it or leave it. I hope you figure it out.

    To your last question about giving someone that silent treatment on purpose... have I? Yes.


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  • I assume bad things at first. Eventually my mind makes peace with it and I stop caring.

    I did use the silent treatment on someone, a girl who broke up with me and then lead me on and gave me the runaround afterwards. She didn't know why I wasn't talking to her, but I was too upset to be willing to play nice. Eventually I got over it and stopped. It was a bit immature.


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  • First, I get pissed off and then try to see if I did anything wrong.

    My friend did that only once, and I apologized right away.

    She took a few days to talk to me again.

    Thank goodness she doesn't do it anymore.

    I probably did use it when I was 14.


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  • If someone gives me the silent treatment I automatically turn on my "a'right I don' give a fuck anymore" mode. If they're so petty that they'd rather resort to childish tactics instead of addressing the problem, I'm not going to pretend I care about their silence.