Which of these places is a guy likely to meet a single woman he can date?

Which is best

  • A walking group
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  • Mountaineering club
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  • Fencing club
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  • Horse riding lessons
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  • Art class
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  • Events volunteering (ad hoc)
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  • Listening service volunteering
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Events are probably the best for social interactions (so I voted for events volunteering). Sometimes with the others listed, you are too focused on the project or whatever it is you are doing, and can't really talk about things. You can meet people there sometimes, though.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Fencing!.. you won't actually find many single dateable girls there but have you seen the arse on a female fencer? WOW! I've always been an arming sword man myself, but one day of watching the fencing girls and I was tempted to change my view on foils.

    • They're all taken or there's just less females?

    • Generally fencing girls are all very serious about their sport (which is fair enough) and either desidedly single (and intending to stay that way) or decidedly taken.
      But you will make friends. And friends leed to more friends of friends which leeds to meeting more girls.

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What Girls Said 2

  • I'd say events volunteering. That sounds like a good way of meeting new people. I should try it :P

  • walking group

    • Are they good for meeting single ladies?

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    • They probably do

    • Just approach a girl and start conversation that's what I do with guys.. better to look like an idiot than to live with regret

What Guys Said 4

  • Horse riding and art class. Though I would avoid the latter because you will find, most likely, only sluts.

  • lol dkm. the world is your oister. the hottest women I've picked up were on the street. these events are so lame, but im not into this stuff. all these places could work

  • Shopping mall or other IRL cold hit, Church.

  • Horse riding lessons, definitely, if you like Cowgirl position ;)

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