How do you know if your best guy friend likes you more than just as friends?


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  • There could be literally anything to indicate it. People are different. It's better if you update your question on his actions towards you.

    • true, well.. He helps me with everything.. last week I needed help with math and he stopped doing what he did and kept going with math untill he knew how it worked and he could teach me how to do it. He makes me feel better when I am really down, he tells me what to do and that its going to be okay. We had some sort over ''stoner'' group and they all did a handshake when leaving, when we meet up together and I leave he now hugs me. We meet up together, first more in groups but now actually only alone. We are going to the same school and when I am not outside in the break then he sends me a message if I am at school and where I am. right now he is going out in Amsterdam but I thought he wouldn't message me because of alcohol, drugs and its a big ''concert?/festival?'' but he still texts me, and sends me the music.

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  • There's no definitive answer, but there are signs. Does he pay tons of attention to you? Does he text you back instantly whenever you text him? Does he resent you having anything to do with other guys (i. e. romantically)? Does he touch you and try to flirt? Does he ever tell you stuff like "you're too good for that guy" in an almost admiring way?

    There's one final thing, but it's difficult to assess. Are you really hot? Most people can't be honest with themselves, but if you are, in fact, smoking hot, there's about a 99.9% chance that he wants you. Smoking hot girls do not have guy friends. They have guys hanging around waiting for some cosmic signal to go for it.

    • I am not going to say I am smoking hot but I do have a lot of guys trying to flirt with me. Also almost everytime when I have a best male friend they end up liking me. But to this guy I dont know, I had 2 best friends we were with the 3 of us and the other guy liked me , he kissed me once because he thought it was a moment he now has a girlfriend so he dropped me completely (blocked me on everything and stuff) he is also not nice to this other friend anymore. But I dont know how this other friend thinks about me.

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    • Did I say something wrong xd

    • No, you just launched into a story that seemed very tangential to your question and my comment.

  • If he touches you frequently then he LIKES you. If he makes you smile or laugh a lot then he LIKES you. If he try to be near you then he LIKES you. If he comes near you to speak something BUT can't speak then he LIKES you...

  • 1) Is he a guy?
    If no, then there's about a 10% chance she likes you.
    If yes,
    2) he likes you.


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