Guys, This guy said "text me sometime" after we hooked up?

I hooked up with this guy that I met on okcupid. I enjoyed the sex and was very attracted to him. He said he came and that made me feel happy. Hopefully, that meant he was attracted to me? I have self confidence issues and do not find myself good looking at all. But I'm able to pull confidence off in front of others when I need to. I wasn't shy in front of this guy. I'm a skinny 21 year old girl. I have nice hair but I hate my face because it's not a regular gorgeous or pretty face. I've been called unique, exotic, etc. A guy did once call me beautiful and cute and I will cherish that moment forever! However, I've also had guys call me ugly when I was 12, and then when I was 20 this one guy expressed that he had feelings for me but later turned around and was different. Anyway, back to the amazing hook up. I was at his place for about 45 minutes, not too long. We both knew it was gonna be brief because he had plans and i had to be somewhere right after. Before I left, he said see you later. And then he said "text me sometime". Guys, would you say this to a girl you weren't attracted to? Do you think he meant that as an invitation to talk to him again? I haven't texted him after the hook up because I don't want him to think I'm desperate or clingy, even though I so want to text him. But I'm not gonna! Also, how do I stop myself from falling for him? Because, he's all I can think about. Help! I really just wanna be his friend because I think he's really interesting and I like his personality. Also, I really enjoyed going down on him and would happily do it again if he wanted me to. He didn't go down on me. The sex was a little messy cause I was bleeding. So yeah. Should I text this guy sometime? I was thinking about waiting 2 weeks or maybe a month to text him. Or should I not text him at all? Maybe he doesn't want to ever hear from me again. I don't know what to do!

Oh and he told me prior to the hookup that he isn't wanting to be in a relationship right now. So this is all just sex pretty much.


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  • If you want him, text him. Why not? He did tell you to, after all.

    • Okay. I will text him. But I'm gonna wait a few days before I do. I'm so paranoid he'll think I'm clingy if I text him right away.

    • 2 days seems long enough. Do what feels comfortable to you, but don't fret over it and don't overthink it. I hope you get the response you desire :-)

    • Thank you :)

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