Why have some girls I liked wanted to date me this past year?

Every year in the past noone ever wanted to date me. Noone. I accepted the rejections bc I can't force them and I wouldn't want to force anyone to do anything so as the stress increased I decided to give up and be single forever. Now I like being single and I want it to stay that way but like everyone else I still get a crush every now and then. And everytime (since the beginning of 2015) to now there has been a girl that likes me back. Why is this? If noone wanted to date me in the past 4 years, why have six different girls I met this year want to date me now?


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  • How the fuck are we suppose to know? Ask her.

    • I was asking the question in general, why does this girl want to date me now when no girls wanted to date me in the past?

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    • She never knew me in the past years though we met a month ago

    • Well good luck dude

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