What are some signs that a girl is just being friendly and actually doesn't like you?

I make her laugh a lot, but I don't know if she is interested. She doesn't really go out of her way to be around me, but when she is around me we connect well and we make eachother laugh.


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  • Well, it's hard to say with so little information. I guess you can find out if you start talking to her more often, or if you ask her for her phone number.

  • How long have you known her? If you are good friends, just be direct. I'm a girl that values that. If she rejects you, don't feel bad!. She just wasn't the one

    • We haven't been friends long enough. We have been aqauintances for a while and today I started lightly flirting for the first time and we had our first actual conversation. She always laughs at my stupid jokes and she was very open about my flirting today so that's a good sign, but my type of flirting can be confused with just being friendly. I think that she got the hint that I'm interested in getting to know her better because I randomly became twice as engaging with her and I offered to personally train her in an extracurricular activity that we do

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