How true is my friend? She says I could have any girl I want if I ask?

I was talking to a girl who is a friend the other day who told me that I was a really ideal guy and that almost any girl would go out with me if I asked them, and she told me I should have really high standards for a girl. I wasn't really sure how to respond to this, because I never really thought that I was that appealing to women, I know a couple girls who have said I am good looking, although I know I am not a model, I am just apparently above average attractiveness, there are plenty of other guys out there that are better looking then me, but I haven't had much interest from girls which kinda makes me second guess what they are saying. She was dead serious when she said it, she told me all I have to do is ask and I could probably go out with almost any girl. I am almost 21 and I haven't had a girlfriend yet so I can't be that ideal, although part of that is because I am too shy to ask girls out. I asked her why girls dont ask me out or show more interest in me, and she told me that its because I need to ask. I have seen some polls on here though and apparently good looking guys normally get asked out by girls, but I have never had this happen to me, so does that mean I am not as attractive or ideal as some girls said? I am just not very socially gifted, so asking women out is hard for me, but if I was so ideal I would have known long before being 21 right? How true could she be?

As a BQ what is your ideal guy? Just to mix things up a bit.


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  • She has a good point. You just have to ask girls out. Waiting for them to take the initiative for anything will drive you crazy. Just go for it

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