Well I need your help?

HEYY everybody!! so, i've been dating a guy for 2 months. He is in my age (17yo). We both liked each other from the very first moment we met😝😝 unfortunataly we are not in the same school so i can't see him eveyday ( we also have exams for our entrance at the uni so i know time is limited).. So the problem is this one. From the very first moment he had cleared up that he isn't the type of guy that uses facebook and whatsapp to communicate, he just wants to connect and just watch vines or basketball videos ( that's true i've noticed that myself).. but the problem is that we didn't really talk much every day although he is super cute and sincere towards me every time we are together! All of my friends boys and girls agree that i worry without any reason because thats who he is! He also lost his dad 6 months ago after many years of fighting with cancer.. and my friends support that this is somthingg that has really affected him and that right now i can't press him to open up to me more than he wants to... I never said a thing i just told him one day that the fact we dont talk so much makes me sad.. And the truth is that he started texting me more oftenly but still i am not satisfied.. Maybe because i want something more every time, or is it really not enough what he does?
BOYS THATS FOR YOU: he came home last week and he was trying really hard to get close to my 12yo sister (i dont mean flirting ofc) this is good right? Thank youu i expect your answers!


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  • I can sympathise with someone who just gets fed up of all the different ways of communicating, I wish texting was just good enough. That said, there's no good excuse not to keep in touch with your girlfriend.

    I would really like a better explanation of "trying to get close" to your sister, I'm not sure I understand that part.

    I say you need to make him innitiate contact, at least for awhile. He will either get better, or decide he isn't ready for a relationship. He's probably struggling with a lot of different emotions after his dad passed away, so he may or may not be date material. Just give him a little space and see what he does.

    • Thank you very much :) yes let me explain that.. We were just sitting and my sister came in and he was very kind with her he would ask her things and then even go play with her..! And something i forgot to mention is that he is the one that suggested us having a relationship! Again, Thank you very much

    • Yeah, that's a good sign, he sounds serious. The way you said it made it sound kind of creepy before.

      If he is just shy but he wants the relationship, he will get better if you do follow through with making him. Glad I could help,

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  • i think you just expect a little bit too much. you don't have to see him everyday, and you know how he is as far as communicating. it's good that you've accepted that he may not open up to you because of the passing of his father. i think give it more time and he will open up. its only been 2 months after all! and it's good that he's trying to get closer to your family! that means a lot

    • Thaaank you very much!! You are right maybe i expect to much in a short amount of time

    • you're welcome! i think that's it. you seem nice enough though. you're not angry or anything and you seem to understand! just give it some more time and i think you'll be good