What should I do (relationship)?

So just wanted to know if you agree on what I am going to do.
First let me quickly introduce you to the scenario.

This girl (Lena) had a crush on me and I found out so we talked and I started feeling for her. We confessed our feelings and so on and it was great for a while but the problem was that I had a lot of stress and so did she as she was new and her year was being annoying to her. The number of conversations dropped although I tried to start a few over text but she did not engage. She then said that we should stay friends given the stress and that commiting was not an option for her yet. I agreed.

Its been a while now and she has texted me once or twice asking how I was doing but we haven't talked about us in all seriousness.

It is obvious that we both needed some time off but my first question is if I should ask her if she wants to try again but maybe this time we could get to know eachother more relaxed.

Secondly should I start showing interest again before asking her or should I wait for more signs from her?


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  • Wait for more signs. Don't act rashly


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