Dating a girl with a medical condition?

As the title says my question is about a girl I met approx. 2 months ago.

We first had 2 double dates with some friends and shortly after we had our first and second date. On the latter we made out for about an hour and all went quite well.

She already told me of severe headaches that tortured her until recently ( before she had a operation). I am 100% certain she is legit about it.

I tried to set up a date after one or two weeks and she was completely devastated about some test results but didn't want to tell me in detail. Few weeks passed and our last date was about a month ago.

So I asked her if she had time but was disappointed. Apparently she had had some kind of heavy migrane attack and said that she could not burden me with her condition and the whole trouble. I tried to persuade her to open herself but she pushed my away even further and was close to ending it.

I really like her and would be happy if I could make her my girlfriend.

So what am I supposed to do?

P. S.: huge thanks if you made it through this incoherent ramble. Also excuse the spelling, German autocorrect.


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  • you can't force her to be ur girlfriend
    i think she is more worried about her health now than having a relationship
    god know what the girl is going through
    i would say leaver her alone for a while and if you are that much interested in her contact her again later to see how it goes.
    don't you have any mutual friends or smthg? to see what is really going on with her?

    • unfortunately we dont have any mutual friends, we just meet by mere concidence. Well I have thought of that approach. But I dont really know when she will be better and im also afraid if too much time passes the whole thing will be over.

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  • Right now, she has more urgent things on her mind than dating. She is busy with her health issues and I think you should understand this and back off. Putting her under pressure will only make it worse. Don't push her.

  • It's really nice of you that you want to be by her side through that! But you have to know that each person reacts diferentely! She maybe feels the need to stay alone and not share the weight with anyone else! Dont press her to open up! You may text her or call her once in a while and you will see that by talking a bit it will be easier for her to let you enter her life


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  • Talk to her and directly tell her you really like her and that her condition doesn't matter. Use this exact line: "The only thing that matters is that I want to be with you."

    It could work, you could get your heart broken. Either is better than being stuck in limbo.

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