My boyfriend has not been paying attention to me or talking to me that much. I know another guy I like and I think that he would be better for me?

The guy I am interested in has been checking me out and when I told him I was dating another guy he said he could see us dating more then me and the other guy. I think he is right and I don't know if I would brake up with the guy I am dating for another guy or just stay with him. Please help and ps my boyfriend is not affectionate at all and I think the other guy would be more affectionate and my boyfriend never ever touches me or even hangs out with me and today I caught the other guy in class checking me out. He is more mature then my boyfriend and I feel like he would actually take the relationship more seriously. Please help me I don't know what to do

I am going to break up with my boyfriend but I don't know how to becuase the guy I am going for is his best friend and my boyfriend never talks to me so I don't know how I should break up with him. Any tips?
Oh and p. s. My friend was talking to him and saying" she does not like it when you don't talk to her" and he said " no you are a lier."


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  • Yeah, you two aren't going anywhere and need to move on. He hasn't hurt you though, so let him down easy, which will still be hard.

    • Thank you and sorry for pressing the down arrow I did not know what it means. I am new

    • Hahaha no problem, I've done that too

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