16 year old girl and 20 year old male?

so I (16) this guy (20) let's call him john through my uncle because they became friends through their job. We started talking for about a month and would do things like bowling or going to see a movie together. And we just kissed one day after cuddling on the couch watching a scary movie on my tv. Since then he comes here every weekend (he works in another state 30 mins from here) and we spend time together and we talked and he told me he isn't seeing anyone else but me. When he drives back to his job he texts me through the whole weekday until he comes back again on Friday. He told me he broke up with his girlfriend yet he still has pictures of them together on his insta but removed her from his description box. Is he just seeing me as a convienience for him to get something from me or does he actually have feelings for me? He also may be leaving in two years to another place for his job unless he gets orders to go to a location near me (also 30 min)


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  • You're only 16 and he supposed to be an adult you see the problem here right? And that's why you asked the question a question you already know the answer to. Sounds like you're a really good person and I hope you make a really good decision. The advice is simple break it off...

  • Don't give it up and see how long he comes around.


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