Was she being nice or flirting?

Today at lunch i was working on some of my work to get ahead instead of eating and these girls like surrounded me sitting next to me two to my left one infront of me and the other one to the right of me

They didn't really talk to me but the one to my right asked me about my work and i told her i was trying to memorise 9 amendments. she smiled and grabbed a piece of paper beside me she started telling me answers to a pre test i was taking i didn't mind and my friends saw me and thought we were dating or something i know the look they give me lol

but anyays was this just being friendly or was she trying to hit on me, and she kept smiling thsts what confused i wasn't sure if it was a flirty or happy smile

one more question

they were muslim or something she had something covering her face but her face was really cute she looked like the princess from aladin and her accent was pretty cute too... it was my 1st time seeing her and probably last anyways to the question I'm christian and she's muslim are these religions in disbelief of the other? i don't know if i dis believe in what they believe in because i don't know what they believe in but if i told them i was christian would they care?


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  • I think she likes you, bro! :D congrats

    • Oh gosh, on second thought, christians and Muslims are horrible together. Find someone else :( many Muslims wanting to MURDER christians. I say steer clear.

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    • Think... 9/11 everyone involved was Muslim. Murdering Americans. Not kidding. Not trying to be racist.

    • woe.

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  • Tough to say. Could go either way. Same with the religious differences. Some would have no problem with it, others wouldn't even consider dating someone of a different faith. It sucks, but the only way to know for sure is to ask. If nothing else, be on the lookout for her and if you see her again, try to befriend her.

    • I'll try we have lunch together so i know it won't be too hard, and if i do see her ill tell her my religion first