Am I wrong, my boyfriend is upset saying I choose other over him?

Me and my boyfriend of 2 and a half years , we've been on rocky roads lately. Well this past weekend I spent the night with my friend and he got upset because I couldn't come stay with him. The thing Is I only have 3 days a week to be off so it's not like I have every day to be out. Well since that 3day stuff started I've spent every day with it with him. Well this week me and my friend had plans to hang out and now my boyfriend is saying I'm choosing my friends over him and is saying if I stay the night with her that we're over. im not choosing my friend over him but I feel like he doesn't understand because I haven't been over her house and I'd really like to spend time with her. Its been about a week since I seen him but he knows im not doing anything I shouldn't be. But I really feel like he's not understanding because he's not the one with only 3 days. He can go out whenever he wants to. What should I do?


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  • Just explain to him that you haven't seen your friend in a while. He's gonna be upset but if he really cares about you then he knows that seeing your friend is important to you.

    • Well he cleaely doesn't care to understand. He still feels like I'm abandoning him or something and I'm doing all I can to let him know im not

    • If he doesn't care to listen, then maybe you should leave. But nobody can tell you what to do. But you shouldn't have to be in the position to choose between your man and your friend.

  • If he's willing to end it with you for something so simple then he's a jerk. He's being overly obsessive with you and your time. You just need to tell him your girl needs you sometimes and you need her to, you see him more often and he's being too clingy. Next time he decides to go out pull this on him, I would