Often times he forget to reply my text. What does it mean?

So, i've been dating this guy for a month but we kinda exclussive, which mean we are promise to now seeing other people. However, I found that he sometimes forget to replies my text unless i text him again saying "hello?" then he will replies immediately. He told me that he sometimes forget to push the "send" button.

I don't even know his friends because we go to a different campus. Is it normal to not knowing his friends? I mean i've been dating him for a month, so i thought i want to get to know him step by step.

Yout thought, girls and guys?

Many thanks!


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  • It means you're not that important to him, and he's not that interested. It sucks to hear, I'm sure, but don't fall for those lame excuses.

    • If it's true that I am not that important, then it really sucks to hear. Anyway, thanks! I appreciate your opinion!

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    • Yeah my friend told the same thing as you did. 'cause the problem is I saw a couple of times of him being active on FB but he hasn't replied my text

    • Yeah thats a dead giveaway. Ditch his ass. You can do better :-)

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  • Well, the good thing here is at least he replies immediately when you text him. As far as knowing his friends are concerned I don't think that should be much of a problem, maybe right now he is not comfortable about introducing you to his friends, or it's possible that he doesn't trust his friends will be good with you. Hence don't worry with time I am sure he will introduce you to his friends.

    • Yeah i was thinking the same thing since we just knew each other for a month; pretty new. And how about his siblings?

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    • Or maybe it's too soon for him to introduce me to his siblings, no?

    • You know him since one month only right? well, then I would say it is a bit early, yes.

  • Yeah he's interested. Plus y'all are go to different schools? You were his casual thing

    • Yes, we go to different school but still in the same state lol. What do you mean by "his casual thing"?

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    • I live in New Jersey and he lives 40 minutes away from where i live

    • That ain't too far, across the state for me is 16 hours
      but yeah I think he done

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